Design + Health Lab

The Design + Health Lab (D+H Lab) is a transdisciplinary research and design group sponsored by the Center for Design + Health (CDH). The lab applies a human-centered and evidence-based approach to find innovative and creative design solutions to real-world issues that impact on health and wellbeing. Courses taught by CDH faculty are the primary vehicles for the identification and development of design projects associated within the D+H Lab:

· Healthy Cities, PLAN 5452, Jenny Roe, CDH Director

· Psychology of Environment and Space, PLAN 5500-02, Jenny Roe, CDH Director

· Healing Spaces, LAR 5200, Reuben Rainey, CDH Director

· Design + Health Studio, Schaeffer Somers, CDH Associate Director

The D+H Lab focuses on identifying, designing, and evaluating solutions for human health and healthcare in partnership with a range of academic partners, health systems, public and community organizations, non-profits, and other stakeholders. Students are integral to the interdisciplinary work of the D+H Lab, which draws undergraduate and graduate students from the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban & Environmental Planning, Nursing, Engineering as well as non-professional majors.

Projects begin with the people who inhabit and use the systems and environments of health and healthcare. D+H Lab faculty and students work together to co-create design interventions that allow us be fitter, happier, more productive, age better, live longer, and help us all live together in a positive and meaningful way.