April 2017

Enabling Street Mobility for Elders (ESME):  The Center in conjunction with Andrew Mondschein (Planning), Laura Barnes (Engineering), Sally Pusede (Environmental Sciences) - and in collaboration with JABA (Jefferson Area Board for Aging) – has won a UVA seed fund to explore Mobility in Elders, using human sensors that capture mood, mobility and qualities of the environment. The project aims to understand how we can create enabling environments for elders that improve mobility, wayfinding and cognitive decision making.

Waterfront Wellbeing: The Center has recently completed a research project called “Happier by Design,” sponsored by Van Alen and West Palm Beach Development Agency, FL, carried out in collaboration with Happy City, Street Plans Collaborative and Space Syntax.  The study has identified wellbeing outcomes of a low cost tactical urban intervention in West Palm Beach’s downtown Waterfront, more news to follow shortly. 

Schaeffer Somers has joined the Center as Associate Director. Schaeffer has a joint appointment in Public Health Sciences and Architecture and brings a background in Engineering and expertise in Architecture, Human Centered Design, and Health Impact Assessment (HIA), which will expand the Center’s capacity to build interdisciplinary teams and collaborate across the University with the Schools of Engineering and Medicine.

Reuben Rainey heads to China in mid-May to co-teach a week-long course in design and health at The South China University of Technology in Guangzhou with School of Architecture alumnus David Kamp (BSLA '78), Principal of Dirtworks, P.C.